Summit Park Review

Summit Park is one of our favorite parks. It has literally everything. Located in the quiet suburb, Blue Ash, its one of the most desirable parks in the greater Cincinnati area. It sits on 130 acres of beautiful land. During the warmer months you can enjoy the playground which is incredibly unique. You won't find … Continue reading Summit Park Review


Anxiety Has No Age

My son started telling me his stomach hurt roughly 2 months ago. At first, I didn't think much of it. I thought, too many sweets maybe? After a little while he started complaining of similar symptoms to his dad, my mom and my in laws. It went from a stomach ache, to kidney pain, to … Continue reading Anxiety Has No Age

“What’s on your mind?” That’s such a loaded question. What’s on my mind? A lot. I’m dreaming of a world where gay people aren’t referred to as queers or fags. Where they are able to find love and have a family.. being legalized and being accepted are two completely different words. A world where people … Continue reading