Anxiety Has No Age

My son started telling me his stomach hurt roughly 2 months ago. At first, I didn't think much of it. I thought, too many sweets maybe? After a little while he started complaining of similar symptoms to his dad, my mom and my in laws. It went from a stomach ache, to kidney pain, to … Continue reading Anxiety Has No Age


Road to Healthy

In October of 2018 I seriously considered ending my life. From the outside, my life looked great, because it is. But on the inside, i battled things that i wouldn’t wish on anyone. I am 5’7 and for my build, i should be about 140-150 pounds.. in October, i was 197 pounds which is the … Continue reading Road to Healthy

“What’s on your mind?” That’s such a loaded question. What’s on my mind? A lot. I’m dreaming of a world where gay people aren’t referred to as queers or fags. Where they are able to find love and have a family.. being legalized and being accepted are two completely different words. A world where people … Continue reading